TME - Worlds Collide (Aphotic Records) - Back
Always happy to hear a brand new band out of Sweden and TME certainly is no different. TME is a four man metal assault of sorts ranging from black to death to thrash metal. 3 of the current members consist of Vintersorg & Fission musicians! “Worlds Collide” is TME’s debut release and is nothing short of heavy metal angst. It is a 10 track collaboration of thrash-laden groove hooks with very little in the way of solos, but alas! The riffs are what you'll digest more than anything. It's a bit interesting because there really doesn't appear to be a lot going on here (maybe due to the clean production??), but there actually is quite a bit of technicality. At times you will hear something along the lines of Grimfist, then Susperia, then Zyklon, and then even perhaps some older Sepultura style riffing. Their vocals are primarily death metal vocals. Lots of stuff here to ride as far as elements and style differentials. Not a bad start for a band, particularly with some experience already, looking to build a thrash metal foundation. Interesting stuff!! Should appeal to fans of thrash & death metal.


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell