Todtgelichter - Was Bleibt (Folter Records) - Back
When I was initially shown this disc, I thought this was going to be some very underproduced material. I was wrong. The disc is still somewhat raw, but with a more bleak and melodic passage. Germany-based, Todtgelichter play a fast black / doom metal style with a huge Abigor-like feel, whence... the occasional breaks with piano, acoustic guitar and hymning. If more raw black metal bands were more in the vein of this or of old-Abigor, they'd sound much better in my opinion. The artwork on the release is very beautiful with a lot of nature photography and the logo is one of the coolest I've seen since I first saw the Unleashed logo years ago. "Was Bleibt" has 9 tracks and a bit over 50 minutes of raw melancholia. Two tracks, in particular, make this album a collector in my opinion. They are "Wunden" and "...Und Gütig Empfange Ich Euch". These tracks showcase slow-melancholic guitar tones, moaning shrieks of vocal disharmony, acoustic guitar & even some blazing speed to an extent. There are some very aggressive tunes like "Schlachtenruf" and "Asenschlacht" that sound a little like early-Emperor or Burzum as well. Todtgelichter have loads and loads of potential that may or may not go unnoticed, but I would like to think they’d keep doing this style. Fans of Abigor, Bethlehem and Deinonychus should be extremely delighted with this masterful work!

Rating: 80

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell