Ton - Plague (Seething Records) - Back
In the underground, death metal seems to be more plentiful nowadays. Ton, is another one of these death metalers. They are good death metal, with some decent songs. Ton also has the sound of the early nineties death metal, like Monstrosity, Immolation, Malevolent Creation and Deicide. "Plague" is an intense album, but maybe not quite as much as the more well known bands. They do have some good songs on this CD, at least some that I enjoyed. The first track "Withered" is probably my favorite track, and "My Needs," "In My Sickness" and "Drawn In Blood" are good as well. These eight tracks will speed up your heart rate for thirty plus minutes. This is a good solid album, especially for the bands first full-length. I wouldn't be surprise to see Ton signed to a label like Olympic or Pavement in the future. They seem to be similar to those labels styles. Don't be afraid to check these guys out, good old fashion style death metal, it's always refreshing to hear.

Rating: 74