Torn Earlobe - A New Beginning Sampler (Independent) - Back
Power metal isn't really around in force as it was in the eighties and the early nineties. Torn Earlobe a band from New York City, is gonna try to change that. They have the complexity and the talent to do so, but are people still willing to listen to power metal? I have to say yes, after going to a sold out Madison Square Garden to see Iron Maiden over the summer, and hearing the latest Halford project. I believe not only is metal back but power metal is too. This four track CD stretches 24 minutes. The music is very well orchestrated, if they get the production of a good label they could turn into a great band. Their music is very eighties style, the solos are like old Metallica, but with a little more feeling. Their vocals, for some reason, remind me a little of Axl Rose, and the way their songs are brought forth they are like Iced Earth, even though the riffing style is very different. My favorite track on this CD is the last track "Circle Of Pain." This track kinda tells me that they are little more then just a power metal band, kinda a cross breed between power metal and thrash. If these guys get led in the right direction, there could be nothing to stop them.

Rating: 74