Torture Killer - Swarm! (Metal Blade Records) - Back
Finland’s (aside from vocalist, Chris Barnes) death metal newcomers unleash their sophomore opus entitled "Swarm!". This is seemingly the best this quintet have sounded thus far. Whence bringing forth Obituary-esque riffing, a sort of Grave-style simplicity and bits of the usual Finnish technicality. The vocals are much better in comparison with Chris' Six Feet Under affiliations. Although, the weakness of that band still shows some ongoing limitations thru this band. Kinda weird, though, when seeing the cover of this album, you would expect a much more brutal and aggressive attack. I was fooled...which is very cool! Gotta love diversity! To me, this is what Six Feet Under should sound like. The disc inlay jacket, the lyrics, and of course, the song titles all have that classic Cannibal Corpse style. Lets lay off any more comparisons. This is a very strong release with loads of old-school death metal riffing with some bits of technicality. There are 10 tracks in all and about 35 minutes playing time. Torture Killer prove that the underground is still the most extreme form of music, period. For fans of Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, Catastrophic, and the likes.....


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell