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Towersound is melodic power/heavy metal from France with a little medieval folk. This self-titled release is their first disc. It is comprised of twelve tracks and is about an hour in length. They use many instruments including pipe organ, flute, bassoon, harpsichord, timpani, and of course, electric guitar, bass and drums. The recording is a little raw but nothing really interferes with the music. My favorite element is the lead guitar. There are a number of nice arrangements and solos with tons of feeling! Most solos are excellent. I also like the acoustic guitarwork, very mystical at times, almost like Empyrium. Vocals are pretty good, you can hear the French accent while he sings, it adds to the mystique of the album. However, the drums and rhythm guitars do sound cheap. Musically they sound fine, but the recording isn’t that good. If the rhythm guitars and drums were produced a little better it wouldn’t be an issue. Its like they recorded the vocals, keys and lead guitar on something else and with better quality. If everything had the quality of the intro and outro their music would be more loads more attractive. Currently, they sound like a garage band with produced vocals and lead guitars (mainly solos). “Shine Over Me” is among my favorites along with “Enchanted Alloy.” The later is an instrumental that acts like the musicians are dueling it out. Most tracks are between four and six minutes in length but there is a five part song over twelve minutes. These guys do not write short, economical songs. Overall, I think this would sound better if all elements sounded like they were produced the same, but this is a decent first effort.

Rating: 68