Transmission0 - 0 (Go-kart Records) - Back
When I first played Transmission0’s new record “0” in my CD player, I was kind of confused on what I was listening to. It’s quite a journey from the beginning to the end of this disc. The band can created dark atmospheres and heavy or chaotic hardcore parts; they are good at both. A description of what they sound like is hard for me to really put a finger on. I would call it atmospheric hardcore in the vain of Neurosis, Isis, Cave-In and even Mastadon. I think I hear Opeth in some of the melodies or at least their guitar sound too. Some people may say it has some emo qualities. The mood can send you into a trance. When these guys are more metallic they have lots of energy. Controlled chaos would be another way to put it. It’s a hard-driving resonance, with nice buildups and rock grooves. Their experimental sound is quite unique. There are a bunch of well-formed tracks in which parts of songs and even whole tracks push the boundaries of experimenting. The songs are layered, written well and complex. This is the perfect music to listen to when you have a bad day, it has the heavy parts to get your aggression out, and the rest of it is an album a metal head can relax to. I don’t really have any complaints about this disc, just that they seemed to prolong a few songs when they didn’t need it. Every so often I felt a lull in the music, mostly during the less intense parts. Of the ten tracks and over fifty-five minutes a couple tracks that grabbed my attention, “Journey” and “San Miguel.” Personally I would have like to seem some more metallic moments, the band does it well. But what they have created is unique, atmospheric, and its make Transmission0 rhythmic and dynamic.

Rating: 70