Tread - Hiding from the Sun (Independent) - Back
Tread formed in 1993 in Colorado's largest city, Denver. Their sound is said to be their own brand of high tech, high tensile metal. It is metal, but at times, that the band seems unorganized and their parts don't work together to well. Most of the time they play together nicely on "Hiding from the Sun," but every so often it seems like a wall of sound. The twelve tracks on this CD produced a few decent songs and they include "Delusional Fornication," the title track "Hiding from the Sun," "Bloodrush," and "Scarless Torture." There are really no exceptional songs on this disk, but they do have some stuff that can get you going. If these guys can get some studio help and improve on the tightness of the band, Tread could get signed to a label that supports Nu-Metal bands. Otherwise they might stay a third rate Korn type band.

Rating: 73