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So you want to know what a Tru Smoke Diezel is? Well it's pretty simple. It's a band that's a smoking, heavy as hell, "diezel" truck chasing your ass around trying to stomp you into the ground. If you don't understand, put Pro-Pain, Machine Head, Pantera, and Biohazard together and you will pretty much get Tru Smoke Diezel. If you need something you wake you up in the morning, theses guys can do it! All the songs on this CD are great, its just hard to pick your favorites. But two tracks that stood out for me on this CD are "Kill Switch" and "Slow Burn." "Slow Burn" feels at times like your getting blasted by a machine gun, it's a great song!! This self-titled CD will last you for 37 minutes and has 9 tracks of ass stomping metal! Please, check this band out at on the internet, you will see what I mean. You can also check out their MP3 site at

Rating: 83