Turisas - The Varangian Way (Century Media Records) - Back
The Finnish band Turisas was named after their homeland's ancient god of war. That is a great idea since the band is of the likes of symphonic Viking/battle metal with progressive and folk traits. Think of Amorphis, Finntroll, Dimmu Borgir, Mental Home, Bal-Sagoth, and Therion.

“The Varangian Way” is only the band’s second album and the have the maturity and staying power of any prominent band in the dark realms of metal. This concept album is about traveling down the rivers of Eastern Europe around the first millennium. Turisas make you feel like you are one of the Varangian tribe on this long dark, yet lively journey.

These eight war hymns, last for a boisterous forty-three minutes. “The Varangian Way” is very rhythmic, dynamic, pride empowering, and epic to say the least. It’s like a battle metal play or opera with the dramatic orchestral sound. The keys guide you through the album.

Vocally they are clean rough voiced lyrics but also group sung choruses. The melodious and pumping riffs are really pleasing to listen to and increase my enjoyment of the oeuvre every time I listen.

Production was done by one of their own. Vocalist "Warlord" Mathias Nygård who also has produced the band’s other records does an amazing job, and knows exactly what the band needs. Along to help “Warlord” was Janne Saksa and they did the recording at Sound Supreme Studio. Not to mention it was mixed and mastered at Finnvox Studio (Nightwish, Finntroll, H.I.M., etc).

If you think you may like this Turisas masterwork then don’t ponder any further, go and venture into your local record store today. “The Varangian Way” may be a new way for some, but it’s definitely the right way! It’s time for a drink to partake in this merriment. Now where is my mead…


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins