Twelve Point Head - Defaced (Killin Time Records) - Back
The UK nu metal band Twelve Point Head takes a sound familiar to metal fans, and tries to do a new spin on it. They try to take the Helmet/Chevelle hard rock sound, with maybe a touch of Korn, to create their own way of writing music. The band still doesn’t offer anything that isn’t already out there. They also go off in a little different direction that lacks that hard driving power to give them an edge. Its not totally gone, they just seem to be afraid of a little something that can do some damage. The songs are not written greatly but they are solid. Twelve Point Head try to get by with simple, sometimes catchy riffs, which led me to liking only a couple songs on this disk including “Holt” and “Fallen.” One thing that was distracting on this CD was the bass. It’s louder then other instruments, almost to the point of drowning out the other instruments, but the bassist does play as if he has mastered the instrument. Also, the vocal style doesn’t go with the music at times, it still works, just not perfectly. If they mature a little they could be a band that get their fifteen minutes of fame, like everyone else.

Rating: 58