Twelvestep - Ripped Apart (Independent) - Back
Twelvestep started out as a side project in the year 2002. The band soon felt that they had something promising with their mix of different genres such as jazz, metal, hardcore and rock producing their own sound. You can hear various bands’ elements from their music including a Slipknot/Korn sound mixed with Helmet and the Deftones. “Ripped Apart” sounds like hardcore, hard rock, and nu metal, an interesting mingle of extreme and melodic components. It even has some kick ass riffs that make you want to bludgeon your best friend. And Believe it or not these guys are from Sweden. Twelvestep writes music that has both a heavy and dramatic sound. Music with a bouquet of contrast does a lot to show what a band can do, there is potential in every song. “Down Inside” is my favorite track, and the other two are right behind it. I’d like to see what these guys are able to create before I make a final decision on what I think about this band, they do have a decent start.

Rating: 75