Twelvestep - Roots Of Anger (Independent) - Back
“Roots of Anger” is six tracks of mixed metal mayhem by Twelvestep. You could say that this is Mushroomhead and Korn oriented but more of a Weezer rock sound mixed in as well. Call it metallic, hardcore rock. Catchy hardcore riffs, aggressive metallic riffs with yelling hardcore vocals, melodic undertones with clean singing, and epic melodic rock choruses. This sounds like music that labels should be looking into. They have that special radio presence in their songs. “Roots of Anger” has a more professional sound than their previous release. And this is a more metallic hardcore sound now more so than Nu Metal, like before. The majority of the CD sounds like it belongs on the airwaves. Twelvestep should impress more people with this album, more than the last disc “Ripped Apart.”

Rating: 81