Twenty Ripped Angel - Days Full of Night (Lime Records) - Back
Twenty Ripped Angel uses a combination industrial, death rock, and metal to create their album “Days Full of Night.” They are mostly similar to Ministry but I swear I hear things from bands like Marilyn Manson, Him, and Coal Chamber. There are elements that can grab your attention but most of the time the songs are straight forward and don’t have anything to offer but the ordinary. This disc isn’t too bad, but there is room to improve. Vocally the style used is distorted noise done with echoing effects that can get to your nerves after a while, but at the same time, they are unique and help their music when they use it in smaller doses. If they were to mix it with regular singing or screaming vocals it would make this disc much more listenable. Twenty Ripped Angel may also want to get into more complex riffs. The simple riffs they use sound similar to ones in other songs. I don’t mean to take away all of those riffs, various ones are quite catchy, rather expand on the riff selection to keep the songs fresh. A few song highlights are “On the Way to Hell,” “Beautiful Nothing” and “The Other Side of me.” These guys have potential to create music that can be successful in multiple rock-oriented genres. I’d like to see how they improve on their next effort to decide if I really like this band or not…”Days Full of Night” is a good place start.

Rating: 62