Tzefa – Feed Me (Independent) - Back
Tzefa is a nice mix of thrash and doom with touches of a little classical which really makes the bands sound distinct. The music at times is simple, but the catchiness can draws you in. Beautiful female vocals are offset thrashy male vocals and tie in their unique style of music. There wasn’t much to complain about except for thing. The production is a little ruff but the way they worked with the quality makes it sound good for the most part. Professional studio help could polish this off nicely and improve on the excellent stuff already going for them. Balancing the vocals and the instruments is the main thing needing improvement. I enjoyed the majority of this CD. The first song, “Time Bomb,” is well put together and is my favorite song. A couple other good songs include “Season of the Rain” and “Angel Dust.” You can tell that there is a lot of feeling in their music; it’s especially noticeable in “Angel Dust.” The four songs and over twenty minutes of music reminds you that new combination of music are created all the time, and not to ignore them because they can be better then you think.

Rating: 79