Uhrilehto - Viha Ja Ikuinen Vitutus (Cold Blood Industries) - Back
Finnish black metal Uhrilehto formed during the winter of 1996. The have a sound similar to a cheaper version of Dark Funeral or older Dimmu Borgir and they are influenced by old Rotting Christ, Samael and Emperor. The name of their album is "Viha Ja Ikuinen Vitutus" which is finnish as well as all the songs except for one called "Jesus Christ Massacre." So now its pretty obvious what the album is about. "Viha Ja Ikuinen Vitutus" has a few good parts but nothing stood out. Sometimes they seem too repetative or they can be a little flat and it wouldn't hurt to be a little tighter. There are quite a few black metal bands that use a lower quality of production to add some effect to their music. Uhrilehto uses this on their album, but I'm not sure if it was intentional or if they really need production help. Since this is their first album hopefully they will progress a little, and make their music a little more appealing.

Rating: 68