Ulcerate – The Coming of Genocide (Independent) - Back
In the many different metal genres certain types can get lost in the bunch. Ulcerate puts together a technical brutal death device in the likes of Gorguts, Suffocation, and Incantation. It’s all furious, intense, and heavy but they still took the time to add technicality to separate them from all those repetitious death bands. From the moaning death riffs to the expeditious drum blasts “The Coming of Genocide” has ferocity written all over it. And at the helm of the band, guttural death vocals similarly approached like Glen Benton of Deicide. They are mostly deep, pissed off vocals with an occasional scream. Do not think you are going to hear Glen on this disk; it’s just a similar approach. All four tracks are at least decent, this is really well rounded CD even though it is a demo. I can’t wait to see what these guys can accomplish; hopefully someone will wise up and give these guys a shot to cut a record. “Second Death” and the title track, “The Coming of Genocide,” seem to fulfill my daily necessity for some brutal, vicious music. These four tracks will only last you around fifteen minutes, but Ulcerate gets right to the point, and every brutal death metal fan should be pleased at what they hear.

Rating: 81