Umbra Within - Spine of the Iconoclast (Independent) - Back
Now, this is a winning combination. Death/Black metal crossed with dark atmospheres, mystical tones, and enchanting fury. Its hard to describe the music of Umbra Within. It's a combination of many bands, that seem to give them their own sound. Anywhere from Otyg to Opeth and from Mental Home to In Flames, it seems that Umbra Within has taken aspects of their music from all parts of diabolic metal bands. "Spine of the Iconoclast" showcases how this band can be a multi-dimensional band. The four songs on this CD lasts for over twenty-five minutes, and it will leave a lasting impression on you. This is definitely some good music, but one thing that could be improved on it, is the production. Don't get me wrong the production is not horrible at all. It's just a little rough, and if you could get this music produced crisp then this CD would impress me a bit more. My favorite songs on "Spine of the Iconoclast" are the over nine minute song "Gehenna Unfurled" and the final track which is an amazing atmospheric song entitled "Aphotic Ways (Nocturne No. 1 in e minor)." That may be a mouthful, but it is definitely a masterpiece. I like this band quite a bit, hopefully some label will pick these guys up, and polish their music a little, and it will definitely be to my likings.

Rating: 87