Unchained – Unchained (Sound Riot Records) - Back
A self-titled full-length CD on Sound Riot Records marks the debut for the Swedish power metal band Unchained. Musically in the vein of Iron Maiden, Edguy, Queensryche, Grim Reaper, Savatage, as well as other assorted 80’s influenced elements. At times they are extremely similar to Iron Maiden, maybe too much? It doesn’t sound bad, but do we need another Iron Maiden? Probably not, because you can’t top them at their own thing. But it does at least tell you their potential. Like a Maiden cover band creating their own maiden-esque songs. The melodies can be really pleasing to listen to. You will find yourself swaying to the music. Vibrant guitar riffs, and animate solos will pull you into their music. However, the production seems to have a little quark with it. Every so often it almost sounds like the levels were turned on to late for certain tracks on the recording. It’s not all the time, but it makes you think it was a cut and paste production. I would find myself almost lost in their music if this album was tweaked to avoid that. Or maybe I’m just listening to closely, it seems almost obvious to me on the track “The Analyst”. Besides that track, it didn’t really seems to happen much. Unchained just need to work a little on the composing and I think they will have some people talking. This disc is a good start!

Rating: 74