Unchecked Aggression – The Massacre Begins (Independent) - Back
Today there seems to be every kind of metal getting produced, except thrash. Unchecked Aggression is an alternative to that trend. They have a refreshing thrash metal sound in a world of nu metal bands. Pantera, Pro-Pain, Strapping Young Lad and especially Lungbrush must have been amongst the band’s influences. All of their songs are solid but my favorite tracks are “Small of Blood,” “Sniper,” “Plateau of Anguish,” and “Kill Me Again.” Hard pumping riffs invade the CD and get you into their music right away. Not to mention there is almost fifty minutes of head nodding riffs on eleven tracks. The quality of the recording is good, but if they could get a known record studio to polish off their sound a little I’m sure they would impress a bunch of metalheads. Some label should sign this band; they have a lot of potential.

Rating: 85