Uncle Light - Lightsounds Vol. 1 (Independent) - Back
10 solid rock tracks are presented forth by Uncle Light, but it’s not really metal. “Lightsounds Vol. 1” does hold its own though. Mix kiss with Judas Priest and Billy Idol, that can pretty much describe the sound. Rock ‘N’ Roll, hard rock, power metal elements can be found all over this album. They can get a pretty decent rhythm going. The guitars have a serious sound to them and it helps give this band a little more of an edge than your run of the mill Rock ‘N’ Roll type band. They are good, probably the best element. Sounds like he’s at ease playing guitar. Simple and precise drum patterns make it sound like synthetic drums at times. Kiss fans would probably dig Uncle Light. But on the other hand, most music we get at Metal Fanatix is heavier than this, but this has a certain mystique, which few people interested in metal can’t get into. Songs are not really alluring to metal heads. There is a certain cheesiness that might detour some metal fans. It’s a little to rock n roll for my taste. There is talent, but not in a metal vein. This could reach out to fans of NWOBHM.

Rating: 55