Under The Sun - Under The Sun (Magna Carta) - Back
I really don't know what to think of this band. Its very well produced, there is a lot of musicianship in this band, everything is well composed. But, its not metal. It has a classic rock feel to it with a touch of Dream Theater type music. It's hard to describe. Its basically not my interest. But Im sure there are people out there that will like it. If you are into stuff like Kansas or Rush you probably will like it. Picture those bands with the atmosphere of Pink Floyd, that is the best way to describe Under The Sun. Like I said everything is well put together, it sounds like there is nothing missing since there are so many layers of music. There are 10 songs that keep you entertained for well over an hour. If you interested in finding more out about this band check out their website at www.underthesun-uts.com. Magna Carta must be proud to have such a talented band on their roster, but I am wondering why I was send this CD to review.

Rating: 60