Unexpect - In a Flesh Aquarium (The End Records) - Back
From the first time I heard "Megalomaniac Trees" on a sampler from The End Records, it was imperative I further investigate these Canadian "crazies," or surely be driven to the brink..."In a Flesh Aquarium" is undoubtedly the retarded red-headed step-child that mad Uncle Lou defiled regularly while imbibing 80-proof goat piss and rusty nails (and I have NO Uncle Lou, by the way). Insanity cubed. A diverse mish-mash of styles heaped up hot n' ready on your metal plate (I hear bits of Believer, Cynic, Cryptopsy and Dimmu Borgir...and that was after the first "sniff"!)...and DO be sure to take it ALL in or it's NO dessert for YOU!!! Good luck, cuz this puppy will require some major overtime! Progressive Death / Black / Classical / Circus / Bobo the dancing-monkey music...just like Prego...It's in there! Take a sixty-minute ride on the wild side as violins, piano, various horns, keyboards, tech-drums (oh yeah, plenty of up-front, twangy bass and some of that "geetar" to!) and a plethora of spastic vocalizations ranging from whispers to gothic female to banshee-shrieks paint a canvas of side-show proportions. Blasting one moment, switching gears on a pin-head the next to find something "unexpected," chaos speaketh clearly to me. With the amount of overload this album cranks out, it may seem surprising to many that there are still plenty of memorable parts to be found. Amongst the scatter-shot structures and mayhemic melodies, there be a wealth of catchiness. (It's true!) Just don't be surprised at what you may catch! Upon receiving "In a Flesh Aquarium," I proceeded to spin the disc five times that night alone! Surely, such an odd bird can't be wrangled! (Think of it as an hour lock-down with Charlie Manson/Bozo the clown/and The Three Stooges...(all) on crack...) Unexpect certainly won't appeal to those who like their "heaviness" only two chords at a time, but fans of country-mates Cryptopsy will find some strange parallels and be able to appreciate the schizo/psycho ear-fucking that awaits them..."Welcome to the greatest show on earth"...


Reviewed By: Jason S. Bashant