Unfragment - At DeathÝs Door (Independent) - Back
France is the home of the death metal band Unfragment. Their second demo release is “At Death’s Door,” and it shows that the band has some potential to write some excellent songs. The majority of the songs are at least decent. Their sound is straightforward death metal, nothing special, but at times they remind me of old Sepultura or Slayer. They do have a good riff every so often in their songs, but the intensity seems to get cut somehow in their songs. It just might be that it has to deal with the production quality of a demo, and this one isn’t too bad. It’s much like early death metal production, so it kind of fits the music. There weren’t a bunch of songs that jumped out at me, mostly just parts of songs. My favorite on the disk is “Sacred Night.” The songs is a well rounded death metal song, with a few good riffs and leads, the best put together song in my opinion. Unfragment has a few things going for them, hopefully they will continue improve so they can get a record deal.

Rating: 68