United - Distorted Vision (Howling Bull Entertainment) - Back
Howing Bull America's United has an interesting a sound. They have a sound that is partly their own sound, but also along the lines of a cross between Strapping Young Lad, Biohazard, and a classic hardcore band. Tracks "Flashback," "Trust Yourself," and "Revenger" all have that classic hardcore sound. The rest of the album has more of a metal sound with a beat that you can get in to. The center of the album is great. "Color," "Who Am I," "Sick And Angry," "Locked Inside," and "Tiger" all have great riffs that get you right into the song. "Who Am I" is just a straight ahead metal song that gets you nodding your head and moving. "Sick And Angry" is a song that reminds me a lot of Strapping Young Lad, with chaotic, heavy and catchy riffs its definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album, "Locked Inside" is also much like this as well. "Tiger" is my favorite track on this album. It sounds a little like Biohazard and its probably the heaviest track on the album. There are 10 songs on "Distorted Visions" and it plays over 35 minutes. United is another Japanese band trying to break into the American metal/hardcore scene. This album may do it for them, only time will tell.

Rating: 79