Unleashed Power - Absorbed (Verdict Entertainment) - Back
The name Unleashed Power definitely fits this band. The power they posses in their riffs alone are great, and that's before vocals, bass and drums come in. It's hard to describe their sound, they have their own sound, but you could say they sound like a Pantera/Slayer and Iced Earth/Overkill. They are fast and heavy at times, and they can also bring a song down to a crawl. That shows their dynamics. What also shows their dynamics is their song's sound changes between songs. Two tracks standout for me on this E.P. and they were "Calender" and "Perpetrator Of Dreams." This E.P. has 5 tracks and is nearly twenty-five minutes. If your interested in checking out more about this band go to www.unleashedpower.com. They have an awesome website. From what the band tells me, their live show is amazing as well, very intense. Hopefully, I may witness this band someday and be able to mosh around in the pit.

Rating: 85