Unshine - Earth Magick (Crash Music) - Back
Unshine is a female fronted gothic rock, doom metal band with tons of atmosphere. Dark, eerie, mellow, and vibrant atmospheres are all over “Earth Magick.” There are parts I can get right into; mostly choruses, and some others aren’t that fulfilling. The choruses are quite catchy. But, the singer seems hesitant when hitting the notes. Maybe if she accentuated the notes her voice would be even more pleasing to listen to. It could be that she is trying to stylize her singing so that every time people compare Unshine, they won’t only think of The Gathering. They are by no means a copy of The Gathering but I’m sure that is what everyone is going to think. Other bands are still reminiscent, like Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil. I found the melodies of the CD put you in a relaxed state. The songs are sort of a gothic fairytale composed of mythology and folklore. From the metal aspect, this may be too mellow for most metalheads. If they took a little more of a doom metal approach I think more metalheads would warm up to this disc. I myself wouldn’t mind a little more of a metal tinge. “Earth Magick” will probably be a hit or miss for most metal heads, even with respectably written songs.

Rating: 73