Urinal Puck Ministry - Greatest Hits Vol. Two: Twisted Tales From The Fallopian Tube (Jack Records) - Back
An unsual mix of metal, hardcore, and punk is on Urinal Puck Ministy’s new disc “Greatest Hits Vol. Two: Twisted Tales From The Fallopian Tube.” A number of bands come to mind while you listen to the disc. At times they remind me of Hate Machine, Mudvayne, Henry Rollins, Scatterbrain, SOD and DRI. They are probably more punk influenced than anything. Many songs have the hardcore/punk sound and have breakdowns that resonate like metalcore. Guitars have a raspy raw quality to them. UPM have some really badass metal riffs, but they didn’t use as much as I would like. The CD sounds like they spend more time on making funny songs instead of concentrating on the music. Its not bad, but more time writing could help. Most songs are between 1:30 and 2:30 minutes, maybe if they increased the song’s lengths a little. Fourteen tracks last almost a half an hour. There aren’t really any tracks that stand out but there are a few decent ones. “Slave To The Puck,” “Poop,” “Mary Boy,” and “I Know Your Mother” appeared to be the tracks I liked the most. Some of the lyrics are outrages! Everyone should at least get a kick out of them.

Rating: 66