Urto - Numbers (Independent) - Back
When I first put the disc in I thought I was listening to Metallica, but during the “Kill’em All” era. Urto takes the thrash sound of Metallica, Exodus, Megadeth and Iced Earth, reproduce it and then add their touch to it. The songs as a whole are like a second rate version. But don’t think to harshly of it. There are quite a few nice thrash riffs and some decent leads spread out over the six songs almost thirty-five minute CD. I’m sure they get the heads nodding in their home country of Italy. Everything is pretty decent, but there are a few things that could get worked one. “Numbers” seems like a disc that varies in quality. Parts that are overworked are mixed with ones that are under worked. Some riffs just don’t quite fit with the previous and it slows the excellent thrash riffs down or they might play a riff too many times and its gets repetitive. It can all be fine-tuned. As Urto matures I’m sure these problems with reduce while the production quality increases.

Rating: 61