Usurper - Necronemesis (Necropolis Records) - Back
Usurper is back with their brand new CD entitled "Necronemesis." As usual Usurper has those heavy catchy riffs, that make you nod your head, and the vocals that sound like no other. Their cross of thrash and death metal is definitely one of their signature traits, and they always put great songs together. This CD seems to be a little more extreme vocals, they seem to have some extra screaming, almost black metal style sometimes. They also were lucky enough to have King Diamond sing backing vocals on the title track, "Necronemesis." Probably one of the most recognizable voices in metal, if not the most recognizable. This track is an awesome song, there are many changes to it, it just doesn't bore you in the least bit. The first track "The Incubus Breed" is probably my favorite track, the main riff in that song is just amazing. "1666 AD" is the fifth track, and is another great song with more catchy Usurper style riffs. "Warriors Of Iron And Rust" reminded me a lot of slayer, just the way they wrote the riffs, yet another good song on this CD. There are 10 tracks on this CD, and there is about 40 minutes of music on this CD, followed by a long 20 minute period of silence and a 6 minute drone of repetition, after the main part of the last track is done. Usurper plans to embark on a tour in Europe with Cradle Of Filth and Christian Death, after that they plan on touring the states shortly thereafter. If you haven't heard these Chicago natives, now might be a good time to.

Rating: 85