Usurper - Visions From The Gods (Necropolis Records) - Back
A very surprising CD for me, this Usurper compilation includes 1994 demo and rare material as well as live and unreleased material. The songs all have the familiar sound of Usurper with those heavy swedish sounding guitars, their catchy rhythmic sound, and their slow drawn out riffs. All songs on this CD have the band's entrancing sound that gets you into their music. My favorites include "Deep In The Forest," "Soulstalker (Original)," "Charon," and my personal favorite "Bonfire." There isn't really anything you can say bad about this CD. The live track might seem a little awkward, but remember it is live and you have to be there to really get the true sound of Usurper. There is over 40 minutes of classic Usurper on this 9 track CD. Anyone that is a fan of the band or death metal might want to look into this CD. If you get a chance to see this band play live do not hesitate. They are a show that bring the creatures out of the night and make them dance with a roaring scream!

Rating: 88