Vader - The Art Of War (Candlelight Records) - Back
It has been quite a while since Vader’s debut “Ultimate Incantation,” 14 years I believe. “The Art Of War” is the latest release for these metallers from Poland. It might just be an MCD, but it packs a punch! The blast beats can be relentless and the riffs shred…some heavy, some crunchy, all headbang worthy death metal! I would say this is mostly a fast paced disc, with a few super heavy chugging breakdowns. A great example of that is track three, “Lead Us.” The second track “This Is War” is excellent too and it has a video on the disc as well. “What Colour Is Your Blood?” is also pretty good. Only about fourteen and a half minutes long for these six tracks, and there is a minute and a half intro to start and a minute long instrumental intermission in the middle. I guess my only complaint is that I wish “The Art Of War” was a little longer because I like what I hear!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins