Vampiria - Among Mortals (Icarus Records) - Back
As soon as I popped this CD in my CD player I knew this was gonna me an amazing album. Vampiria takes aspects of death, doom, black, progressive, and powermetal. There is also some gothic influence as well. It's almost seems like the band was composed of members from Dimmu Borgir, Theatre of Tragedy, Mental Home, and Anathema. But that is not the truth here, this is a totally different band. There is not a bad song on this CD. "Among Mortals" starts off with an instrumental track that is perfect to start with. Then they continue this album of epic proportions with tracks like "Legacy Of Blood," "Ambassador Of Morning (Salve Luxfer)," and "Brother Wolf (The Path Of Seventh Moon)," and that's just the first few tracks. The ten songs on this album last over fifty-two minutes, plenty of time for you to figure out that this is a damn good CD! "The Hand Of Death" and "Legend Of A Curse" are two other tracks that I enjoyed quite a bit. There are other good songs on this CD, but Im not gonna sit hear and just list the tracks for you. The best way to find out more about this band, and I highly recommend it, is to check out their website at, and be amazed!

Rating: 93