Venom - Resurrection (SPV) - Back
Newcastle, England's Venom is back with vengeance on their 13th release. It's Venom with a 90's guitar crunch which gives them a little more of an edge. I like this album quite a bit. "Resurrection" is the band's first CD since "Cast In Stone" that came out in 1997, and its well worth the wait. All the songs have their good parts. My favorite songs on this CD include "War Against Christ (All around good song)," "Pain (This song gets you going, MOSH!!)," "Firelight (Catchy song that puts you in a groove)," and "Black Flame Of Satan (My favorite, three words, "Heavy, Catchy Riffs")." There are 14 songs on this CD that nearly an hour long. This is long enough to get a mosh pit going in your home or where ever you are while you listen to this CD. The last song has a little different sound to it then the rest of the songs. It almost has an alternative or hard rock sound to it. Its nice to see that Venom is experimenting, lets just home they don't continue on that way. SPV records must be happy to have these metal gods on their label. They have been around for 21 years, and "Resurrections" is their proof they can still be creative after all those years. I hope they do a tour in the United States so I can witness these legends. Look for this album on June 6th in the U.S.

Rating: 92