Verdict – Reflection Of Pain (Independent) - Back
German metal has consistently been solid ever since Kreator and Sodom have come onto the scene. Verdict isn’t any different, even with their first full-length CD. They are an aggressive thrash metal band and sounds similar to Kreator, Sodom, Slayer, the heaviness of Strapping Young Ladd, and some old Metallica elements. There is a nasty, raunchy, heaviness to the guitars mixed with pounding drums, and ferocious words. Vocals on “Reflection Of Pain” sound very similar to Kreator. The heavy chugging riffs are mixed with speed metal riffs; it's comparable to an out of control train. Lots of catchy riffs get your foot tapping and your head banging on the nine tracks and over thirty-eight minutes of music. The production and sound of this disk is great for thrash; it’s a great setup. “Trapped” is my favorite track, along with the title track, “Reflection Of Pain” and “New War.” All the other tracks have their moments as well. The songs are pretty good; it’s just that I liked my favorites better. Good job guys!

Rating: 79