Vicious Art - Fire Falls And The Waiting Waters (Threeman/Candlelight) - Back
Ex-members of legendary Swedish metal bands like Grave, Dark Funeral, and Entombed are what bring Vicious Art under one union. Fire Falls & the Waiting Water is a ten song, 45-minute onslaught of aggressive old-school death metal. Like say, Kaamos and Bloodbath, Vicious Art has brought back the sound that made death metal an underground king in the not-so-distant past. There isn't anything flashy like- synth or clean vocals thrown in for effect, everything is 100% "evil death metal" aggression the way it was always meant to be played! A lot of catchy mid-paced riffs, a lot of drum blasts (whence- the Dark Funeral practice), and some sick & violent lyrics bringing to dark... the reality of Vicious Art. The only thing that got to me at times was that a few songs were a bit too lengthy for the pace of the music. Oh well, they were still good songs! My favorite ones are "The Poet Must Die" and "Why Would the Captured Set Free the Flies". Overall... pretty good, but could suffice with some solos in the future! For fans of Grave, The Forsaken, Malevolent Creation, and Immolation!

Rating: 78

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell