Vinterriket - Der Letzte Winter - Der Ewigkeit Entgegen (Flood The Earth Records) - Back
Christoph Ziegler is the man responsible for this beautifully crafted project known as Vinterriket. Vinterriket (or "Winter Realm") really shouldn't be labeled a "project" per say simply because there have been 10 full-lengths since it's birth in 2000. That's not even including the numerous other splits, EP's and demo releases. Christoph has found a very satisfying element of surprise in every aspect of his music with Vinterriket, but this is basically an ambient / black metal foundation with bits of this-and-that in-between. However, created here is exactly what was intended... a winter realm atmosphere!! Every album virtually portrays a vivid winter landscape with either keyboards (the main compound), guitars or bleak, high shrieking vocals, OR all! This album is similar. Surreal and sometimes monotonous, but never ever unintelligent or of droning boredom. Vinterriket is an extremely exciting establishment! Some albums are strictly limited to all keys, and others to both black metal and atmosphere. This one is both. Vinterriket may not be your jamming out blast-beat album of the year, but the pace and the sophistication of great, ethereal music surely is present. Hauntingly obscure and gently woven wintry atmospheres. Anybody in search of something like this or even not, should look this way! File next to: Burzum.


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell