Vision Of Disorder - From Bliss To Devastation (TVT Records) - Back
Vision Of Disorder has a new CD and a new sound. "From Bliss To Devastation" might have a new sound but it still has its original hardcore attitude, but with a tight, groove sound tying everything together. At times they sound like Corrosion Of Conformity and at other times they sound like a hardcore band that crossed with a stoner rock band. Either way you look at it, it's still very metal. Guitarist, Matt Baumbach said that he wanted to do something new and inventive. He also said that their new album has to do with the influences of what they were listening to. This includes Black Sabbath, Soundgarden and The Beatles. "From Bliss To Devastation" may have some influences from Alice In Chains, and their music may seem a little less extreme, but with the hard times they had in the previous few years, you can be sure they didn't sell out, they have just matured. Their thirteen songs and fifty minutes of music should show you that VOD is serious about the changes they have made and the complexity of their music is much more then anything else they have released before this album. Tracks to look out for include "Living To Die," the title track "From Bliss To Devastation," and "Without You." The rest of the tracks are pretty good as well. I think VOD did a good job trying to do something new and inventive, and if they continue on with the experimenting, I'm sure their music will continue to evolve into something they really want to be.

Rating: 85