Vociferian - Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum (Infernus Rex) - Back
After a few tape releases (has actually released 3 full-lengths under this name previously that eventually made their way to disc) on some more obscure labels, Vociferian now make their most official debut on Infernus Rex. This is a one-man project that focuses on extremely occvlt sounding doom/death metal. UHDU is Lord Genocide’s first MCD and contains 5 prophetic hymns of hate, providing over a half hour playing time. The last track is the only big standout. It basically contains all electronic, distorted music that just goes on continually for over 16 minutes. The other 4 songs are more doom-laden with low-grunting vocals for the most part (some higher ones), but they also have a muddy sound much like a lot of raw black metal bands. Very old-school like a combination of Incantation and Beherit. Not to mention, evil as fuck! Not a bad introduction, but could be a bit more focused. Y'know, more keys or electronics to make the last track a less standout and more in the mix of the other 4. Then I think this is really good. Not that bad, though...


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell