Von Sirius - The Mystical Doktryn Of Spiritual Accomplishment (Nihil Voces) - Back
“The Mystical Doktryn of Spiritual Accomplishment” is a darkwave or gothic-based spectrum, backed up by some death and industrial elements. At the very least, Von Sirius is a personified structure with roots touching many styles. To make a long story short, Von Sirius is an experimental project from France with literary terms to the balance between science and religion (or the equinox, as is shown in the booklet). Some of the territories explored here are very interesting most of the time. This isn't at all bad... at least for anyone into the gothic wave of music. It's very much like a mix of early Christian Death, Type O Negative and Ministry. Sometimes, Devil Doll comes to mind. The music normally is backed by pounding (maybe programmed?) drums and samples, with heavy, chug-guitar riffs. No songs really stand out for me, but they're all pretty strong and tightly woven. Most of the time, death vocals are thrown in the mix for effect as well. The layout is a little odd. The lyrics are all in French, but the sayings in-between are all in English. Just artistic, I suppose. However experimental, Von Sirius is still a very unique metal band/project with much to offer. For those into the aforementioned bands, you will probably like this a lot. If you can find their material, great.... if not, well.... start searching!

Rating: 77

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell