Voracious Gangrene - Promo Tape 1999 (Independent) - Back
What would Cannibal Corpse sound like if they were from France? The answer is Voracious Gangrene. These death metalers show just how brutal French bands can be, and that isn't the half of it. The first band I thought of when I heard Voracious Gangrene was obviously Cannibal Corpse, but also add the brutality of Deicide and Skinless and you have a total brutal barbarous savage attack! These are one of the most ferocious bands that I have ever heard, and they do it very well. I enjoyed all of the songs on this CD, but my two favorites were "Reconciled By Death" and "Murder With No Valid Reason." The quality of the Promo is really good, the only thing it needs is a little clean up, but not much. With the sounds that Voracious Gangrene has I wouldn't be surprised if they get signed to a big label, they definitely have something waiting for them in the near future

Rating: 84