Vore - Lord Of Storms (Independent) - Back
Brutal, heavy, and guttural, are three words that best describe Vore. Hailing from the Ozark Mountains of Northwestern Arkansas, the band has release their latest full-length entitled "Lord Of Storms." These death minded musicians take a classic approach to their music, much like the sound of the early nineties death metal bands. And as I said earlier, it's brutal, heavy and guttural rolled into one catchy death metal band. There are ten tracks on this CD with around fifty minutes of crunchy sounding guitars and vomiting vocals. Vore's style reminds me somewhat of the band from the mid-nineties called Gutted and maybe a little bit of Dying Fetus as well. The riffing maybe nothing to technical, but it is very catchy at times. My favorite songs on this CD include "Veils Of Oblivion," "To Be A God," and "Forging A New Vision." Some other songs that are decent are "Godslayer" and "Lurker Above." This is a pretty good death metal album, some good songs and riffs. And how many death metal bands do you know from the Ozarks of Arkansas? Well I definitely know one now, and some of you people should check them out as well.

Rating: 79