Vortex - Colours Out From The Emptiness (Psychic Scream) - Back
For the people that have read my review for the Vortex CD that I recently posted, some things in this review might sound familiar. Anyhow, Vortex has definitely put out a disk that anyone into death metal would appreciate. They have a sound similar to the death metal legends Death. Other technical bands can be heard as well, including Sadus and Cynic. There are many catchy and technical riffs on this CD, "Colours Out From The Emptiness." There are also some amazing shredding solos, like in the last track, "Quest For The Nameless Martyrium," which really gets you going. Some other good songs include "Stigma," "Burnt With Thoughts," "My Love," and "Flux." These tracks show why I think Vortex is one of the better technical death metal bands today. The eight tracks on this disk will take you on a journey back to the early nineties where the masters of technical death metal were at their prime. Once again I must state, if your into death metal, you will enjoy Vortex "Colours Out From The Emptiness."

Rating: 87