Vortex - Samples from Colours Out From The Emptiness (Psychic Scream) - Back
Vortex was formed back in 1994, in Tokyo, Japan. Their style is quite impressive; technical death metal, and they pull it off quite well. They have a similar style, sound, and feeling as the death metal gods Death. They have some great leads, some chaotic, some melodic, and some just plan sick and heavy. The solos convey a good amount of feeling, and they tend to send the song in a different direction. Not a bad direction, just a different feeling. The four songs on this CD have entertained me for a while. The complexity of some parts of the songs make you not get bored with this CD and with over twenty-four minutes of music on four tracks, you can tell they these guys are not afraid to write songs that are more then just a sample. While all the tracks on this CD are good, my favorite tracks are "Stigma," and "Burnt With Thoughts." Vortex is among the best metal that I have heard coming out of Japan, and especially death metal. Don't be afraid to check out this metal battalion, you are assured to be impressed as I am.

Rating: 89