Vreid - Kraft (Tabu Recordings) - Back
From the ashes of Windir, arises a newfound might in the form of Vreid!! To those unfamiliar with Windir... they were a folk/black metal ensemble created in 1994 by a man whom lost his life in early 2004, Valfar (r.i.p.). Scarred with the tragedy that befell Windir and many others, they rightfully put the band to rest and with three of it's remaining members (and long-time friend- Ese), ... formed Vreid (which means "wrath")! So here we have a new band and a new masterful performance in "Kraft". Hváll (the main song-writer) and company have taken the direction of Windir and molded together further influences of raw black metal, progressive rock, ambient and folk elements. The experience should be every bit as appealing to fans of Enslaved, Darkthrone, early-Ulver and of course, Windir! Vreid has kept the old-school black metal feel alive through their own mystic/pagan visions through this magnificent opus... KRAFT!! Hail, Vreid!!

Rating: 90

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell