Vuist - Mistormelancholy (Independent) - Back
Nine tracks almost thirty-two minutes are instore for you as you listen to Vuist’s debut “Mistormelancholy.” The riffing style made it easy to get into the majority of this album. There are lots of catchy thrash riffs mixed with powerful, driving, death riffs keeping this CD energetic and appealing. The thrash leads along with Swedish death riffs help give some songs an epic sound. Parts of “The Calling (…To Strength and Grandeur)” and “Images” are good examples. Vuist death/thrash style could be described as Slayer meets Dying Fetus, but it really doesn’t describe it. On top of that, the screaming death vocals are split with gutteral ones. All parts of the music can be quite dynamic. With a little more experience with riff selection this band has potential to create a classic metal disc.

Rating: 74