Vyndykator - Heaven Sent From Hell (Independent) - Back
Vyndykator is an old school thrash attack in the style of Attacker, Mercyful Fate, and King Diamond. “Heaven Sent From Hell” is a seven-track album that last for almost thirty-three minutes. The most prevalent element of the album is the guitars. Some riffs will get your ass up and make you start playing air guitar. It’s really nice guitar work and it’s very tight. Their music is catchy, heavy and full of power, but the vocals get annoying after a while. The vocals are second rate to the music. If the vocals had more of a grimace then it might be easier to listen to. The vocals aren’t totally unpleasant, they do work well with the music at times, and it depends on what part of the song that the band is at. A couple of the songs that I thought showed the best off this album are “Tapping the Vein” and “Deceiver.” They have that classic metal sound that has been somewhat overshadowed by metal today. Some of the other songs seemed as if the flow was cut by the structure of the song, not that it’s a bad move, but more different approach and stylistic taste. But, certain catchy riffs would improve these songs if they were used a little more. It’s great to see these types of band around these days, even if the style is older.

Rating: 60