Walhalla - Firereich (Root Of All Evil) - Back
Walhalla, a band that features members from Thy Serpent, Soulgrind, and Gloomy Grim, release their first full length, and it definitely gets the tempo going. Its really hard to describe what they exactly sound like, but they are definitely a death/black metal cross. Some of the songs remind me of Night In Gales or newer Hypocrisy. They have some catchy death metal riffs, sometimes crossed with black metal riffs, it keeps you interested throughout the whole CD. The tracks that I liked the most enclude "Valkyrie," "Battlefield Genesis," "Black Cross Burning," and the title song "Firereich." This CD was a big surprise to me, I really had no idea what to expect. Root Of All Evil have many different bands on their label from shock rock to death metal. I had no idea they had a band with this complexity. Who knows what will happen with this band next, but hopefully they will come back do write at least a second album, not if many more.

Rating: 87