Walpurgisnacht - Die Derwaert Gaen En Keeren Niet (Folter Records) - Back
Upon the formation of Walpurgisnacht in 1996, the band intermittently played covers of Abigor, Satyricon, Gorgoroth, Mayhem and Rotting Christ. After a while they started to write their own material, but also had a hiatus due to Marchosias’ other projects Cirith Gorger, Grimm, and Zwartketterij. Much like the aforementioned bands, Walpurgisnacht uses those old school traditional raw black metal elements with epic traits to create their latest disc “Die Derwaert Gaen En Keeren Niet.” The group’s writing and music has its inspiration pulled from Dutch legend and “De Peel.” For those who don’t know, “De Peel” used to be a vast area of marshes, moors, fens and forest in southern Netherlands, which was murky, mysterious and virtually impassable. Much of this album is fast paced, but still uses tempo changes occasionally. The overall sound is dark and demonic helped by the blackened vocals including: shrieks, grunts, and sinister laughs; and the quality lead guitars. As I said this is raw black metal, so don’t expect Dimmu Borgir’s crystal clear recording quality. Its quality is perfect for the genre and not too overbearing that it annoys. The ten tracks and forty-six and a half minutes in length is a good introduction for the bands first full-length.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins