W.A.S.P. - Unholy Terror (Metal-Is) - Back
First off, why is W.A.S.P. releasing another album, it's not like the last album was a return to the eighties. "Unholy Terror" really doesn't have much to offer the metal fans in general. It probably only has something to offer to the fans of W.A.S.P. and that is just another album. But, in this day an age where all bands from the eighties are getting revived, W.A.S.P. should not get left off, to a point. Secondly, there aren't any great songs like the band had in the past, the only song I really enjoyed was an all acoustic, instrumental song entitled "Euphoria." Writing like this I enjoy quite a bit, only if they could have carried this kind of musicianship thoughout this album, I might be talking differently about this CD. And lastly all the songs sound to much alike, they really do. I didn't feel to badly about the last album "Helldorado" because it had some quality songs and it changed it up a little. "Unholy Terror" seems to goes on for a while, over forty-five minutes, and there are ten tracks you can try to struggle through. Sorry guys, but one album was refreshing a couple years ago, but this is a little to much.

Rating: 54